App Development

You are here on these pages. This means that you understand the value of innovation for millions of people in their daily lives and want to be part of it with your company. Our task is to use our skills and new technologies to create all the conditions to make you more successful in your business.

What technologies we master:

- Swift
- Objective-C
- Kotlin
- Java
on Flutter for
simple solutions.
all productivity and
scalable infrastructure
for apps.
Express is a minimalistic
and flexible web
framework for Node.js
Linux, AWS,
Google Cloud, Docker,
Jenkins, MySQL,
Postgresql, Mongo...

How we work, basically:

We have been developing mobile applications for various industries for a very long time and all the experience we have gained has always influenced the design of our service offering. This is where the term "safe development" came into being, which in itself is the most reliable way to create a successful product and make the cooperation with the customer as pleasant as possible for both sides.

Safe development has several basic points:

Intellectual property is our first priority. The client's idea and the property rights to the product are protected by patents and copyright conditions and contracts

All work processes are carried out with full technical perfection and the product is prepared for large and growing loads. For this purpose we also offer a warranty period, with quick and free of charge troubleshooting, if any problems occur

Also in the long term we support our products with corrections and updates during the whole functional process

Full transparency in budgeting. This helps to control, plan and manage the application from a long-term perspective

Punctuality and compliance with agreements. Because the time of both our customers and ourselves is your most valuable resource we have

How we work, practical:

(Complete development and product life cycle)

Making product analysis is a fundamental part of starting any project development.

Our role:

to analyze business processes and technologies used by client

to study the target audience and business area

to define detailed functional requirements

to build interaction schemes between user and application (incl. administrative panel, content management system).

What client gets:

project requirements (specifications) - main document used for all the following stages of development and product support

API requirements

a timeline for the developing product

detailed budget.

Our focal points

In the age of digitalization, the patient is getting closer and there are enormous possibilities to automate many processes, including the treatment itself. This helps the doctor to do his work even better and more efficiently and opens up new, additional sources of income (patient return, telemedicine, etc.). Medical apps are now a natural part of the daily work routine for many doctors.

Our expertise:

Solutions for the remote care of patients: diabetics, nutritionists, regenerative medicine, psychology


Automation of specialized medicine. Coverage of functionalities not found in market solutions. For example process automation on the iPad for dentistry

Application wizards for patients with installed or connected electronic and mechanical devices

Digital assistants and directories. Including specialized courses and sale of scientific papers.

Our experience:

Electronic application wizard for diabetics

Social network for diabetics

Solution for dietetics

Solution for dentistry

Application wizard for surgery

Application wizard for testing medical devices