IT has been an integral part of our lives for years. Thousands of special programs have been developed in company processes of various industries and only a few specialists in the respective IT departments have mastered the task of setting up correct technical specifications. And even if they know how to describe the business logic, most of them have absolutely no idea how the technical side should work.

This moment is at the sole discretion of the contractor and they will only do what they do best and not what would be the best option for this particular case.

Almost none of the contractors is also able to objectively check the costs of IT projects. And this is where you can usually save a lot of money, and we help our clients with our consulting services.

What do we offer in the course of our IT consulting services:

Writing of customer requirements document and IT project calculation

Review of the service descriptions and project calculations of the third parties with recommendations regarding costs, functionality and IT architecture.

Review and recommendations for the selection of an IT project contractor.

To whom we offer it:

To everyone who has ever used or intends to use IT services. The circle of our potential customers is infinitely large.

What it costs:

Depending on the size of the project, the cost of the services of our business analysts is 10 to 20% of the project sum.

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