About us

Everything Worth Knowing at a Glance

DigitalOne AG is a Swiss company — located between the cities of Zurich and Milan, we have been successfully operating as an international IT- service provider for over 13 years. Life has taught us to rely on several pillars and to diversify our business areas. But what unites all these areas is the affiliation to Digital Services where the company name obliges us to act in the best possible way.

From complicated server solutions and CDN networks to very specific medical apps, from our own cloud platform to high quality VR tours with self-produced content - we constantly build on the latest technologies and always try to be one step ahead of our competitors

We have one special feature: Apart from administration and sales office our company has no offices for our programmers and engineers and is completely remote since its foundation in 2007. Our employees in their home offices are technically well equipped to deliver maximum performance. We are well prepared for crises and the savings generated by the lean cost structure are passed on to our customers. Time has proven that it works well.

The stuff of DigitalOne AG currently consists of three highly skilled division teams with a total of 21 people, who are available for diverse, interesting and varied tasks. Individual consultation at your location by one of our consultants, the highest quality requirements in the implementation as well as an excellent price-performance ratio represent the basic philosophy of the company - to be the number one in digital.

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